Anything we experience, no matter how challenging, can become an open pathway to awakening.

Navigating Life’s Inevitable Challenges

flowers - Jay S. Weinberg

Confronted with life’s challenges, we try many things to feel better and improve the quality of our lives, yet, despite all our efforts, many of us continue to struggle. When we are confronted with challenge, stress and painful experiences, our instinct is to try to avoid, control and fix that which is causing us discomfort. We often rigidly and repeatedly employ strategies that have not worked and continue to not work. These unworkable behaviors often take the form of substance abuse, withdrawal, aggression, procrastination, addiction, maladaptive eating, etc., all of which only temporarily relieve our pain and, in the long-term, serve to perpetuate and increase our suffering. As a result, we end up stuck, spending all our time and energy trying to avoid what we don’t want, rather than moving forward in pursuit of the things and life we do want.

creek - Jay S. Weinberg
tree Aspen - Jay S. Weinberg

As a therapist, I strive to support, empower, and enable my clients to successfully navigate life’s challenges. My approach is relational, experiential, and educational. I draw on an array of supportive psychotherapeutic approaches and techniques including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. I work collaboratively with my clients to explore areas of their lives that are not working and to identify gaps between what they have and what they want, how they are and how they want to be. Our work together often begins with discerning what is important to them, what they value, and who and how they aspire to be. We then look at what behaviors (actions, thoughts, feelings) might be getting in the way of living the life they envision. With an attitude of openness and curiosity, I encourage my clients to willingly contact the present moment and engage fully in their life experience. We work together to create goals and action plans that will help guide them in taking committed actions that are aligned with their values. Ultimately, my goal is to help each of my clients live a rich, rewarding, and meaningful life, one that is guided by their values and moves them in the direction of living authentically, that is, being the individuals they truly wish to be.