Parent Educational, Skill Training and Support Group


Aspenhill Psychotherapy, in collaboration with Cherry Creek Psychotherapy, is proud to offer a psychotherapeutic group for parents of children, teens and young adults who are struggling with social, emotional and psychological challenges.  The group will meet weekly for 12 weeks.  Sessions will be 2 hours in duration.  The group will be a closed format.*

Description: Facilitating and promoting overall mental health in families of children struggling with mental health issues, the group will be educational and experiential in nature. It will provide parents with a supportive environment in which they can share experiences and learn new skills with which they can support the progress of their child as well as improving the quality of life for themselves and all family members.

Rationale for Parent skills and support group:

  • Outcomes are greatly improved when parents are involved in the process.
  • Skills taught will improve communication and relationships.
  • Skills taught to children are integrated more quickly when parents reinforce them at home.
  • The supportive nature of a group reduces stress and sense of isolation.
  • Instruction/practice of mindfulness and other related skills, as well as home assignments, reinforce and accelerate skill development.


  • Increase understanding of parent role in fostering mental health of child.
  • Develop skills to facilitate communication and understanding; moderate emotional arousal; and reinforce positive behaviors.
  • Effectively setting boundaries with empathy and compassion.
  • Develop balance between over-involvement and disengagement.
  • Foster autonomy vs dependence.
  • Find balance between enabling unworkable behaviors and punitive action.
  • Discern and navigate differences in parenting styles.
  • Develop skills for moderating behaviors during “emotional storms.”
  • Foster mindfulness and self-compassion.
  • Identify values, create action plans and goals for child, parents and family members.


*Note:  In that instruction and skills are taught sequentially, the group will be a closed format (no new members admitted after the first session).  Member’s places will be reserved for the entire 12 weeks.

Cost per session will be $95 per person.

In an effort to make the group accessible to all interested parties, clients may choose a flexible payment plan, providing for payments to be made over the course of 24 weeks. (To be arranged in advance prior to commencement of first session).